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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holiday ABC

Holiday ABC
A friend came over to play on my Xbox
Big shopping spree
Cinemas to see Storks & Miss Peregrine’s
Dog show because we're looking for a new dog
Eating at McDonalds
Fancy restaurant for breakfast 
Got new school shoes
Had a babysitter (boring)
I went shopping at Riccarton Mall 
Jellie Park with all of my brother’s friends
Kmart looking for new clothes 
Lazed in bed for a while
My nan went to Tahiti a bought me a black pearl
Northlands to get sushi for lunch 
Opened present from my mum
Practiced my lines for Showtime 
Quiet library for a read
Ran for twenty minutes 
Snowboarding at Mt Hutt 
There was a virtual reality display at the museum 
Used Jif to clean my new dollhouse 
Visited my nan & grandad after their holiday
Walked up the Bridle Path 3 times 
Xbox at my friends 
You know every Sunday I went for a walk
Zoo, saw it after one of the walks

1 comment:

  1. Hay I was the one who came over to play on the Xbox!!!