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Sunday, 15 May 2016


Beat Reflection
I think that I'm at relational because…

I can identify beat in many contexts and I understand the purpose of it.
I listen to all the instruments and see which one keeps them in time. 

We did a Compare and contrast map the contexts were the Haka, Marching and Chinese lion dance And in the middle of the compare and contrast map and the whole class wrote that they all had a leader doing the beat.

A struggle for me was making the lyrics for the end of term reflection 
because we(Samantha Cerys and I) had to make up lyrics about lunch and morning tea to the rhythm of the song “Uptown Funk” because we had the opportunity to make up lyrics for the end of term reflection and I thought it would be easy but it wasn't.

A highlight for me was doing the end of term performance because I liked making up a little chant for what we did at discovery time. Another highlight was becoming a kapa Haka leader because ever since I was year three I wanted to be up there teaching the school new Maori songs.

My role in the end of the term performance was having the microphone 
singing the lyrics they we made up for the end of term performance
Even though I didn't want to it, it was something that I needed to do for other people in my class. Another role I played was being a part of the baking group, playing the triangle.
I learnt that beat can be any kind of instruments and that you can't have a song without beat otherwise it gets out of time and all messy.

My next step is to reflect on my role and make improvements, by showing a growth mindset because a growth mindset is going to help me get a step closer to extended abstract.
By Lulu

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