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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Discovery Time Reflection

Discovery Time Reflection 
Date 8-3-16

Today at Discovery Time I made play dough with Bronte,Marco,Brooklyn and Nadine.
The first thing we did was get everything ready and all of the ingredients and then we started making play dough.

The role I played was learning how to make play dough and doing the right amount of measurements.

A strategy I used was to go slow and get finished the first time
Cause otherwise it takes forever.

Something new I've learnt is how to make playdough without the oven.

A struggle for me was getting the right measurements and trying again.

I showed a growth mindset when I keeped on trying when we put too much flour in or to much hot water in.

Next discovery I want to improve by working with someone I've never worked with before.

Overall I learnt how to make play dough and I definitely want to make this again.

By Lulu.

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