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Sunday, 6 December 2015

ULTIMATE Treehouse

Ultimate treehouse.
Our ultimate treehouse is a grand tree in the middle of the rainforest. The tree bows over the rainforest like a ballerina that just finished a dance. The branches stretch over the rainforest like long arms, while birds swoop around the zip lines. 

There are twenty-one houses in the whole of the tree. But if you count the secret house in the tree its twenty-two houses. 

In our treehouse, the walls are made of candy. There's a lolly scramble pool with marshmallows as pillows and couches and pizza tables with pepperoni plates. The bathroom is an aquarium the fish swim in circles. The gummy bear guards are very nice and yummy. The candy steps attached to the side of the tree are very sweet. 

In the treehouse, there's an old ballroom used for discos and dances. The people who used to dance in it turned into the birds that fly around the tree house. 

There are dragons that fly around the forest that roar like the lions from  “Lion King.”  The dragons have a area in the middle of the tree house. They nest in this room. There are big holes So they can fly In and out.

The paintings are quite exquisite because they are 3D paintings that move. There are paintings of wolves, pink fluffy unicorns and all types of animals.

In one of the houses there is a high tech lab which it's used for making new types of dragons and animals. It also makes gummy bears come to life.

The zip lines go in all different directions so our pet monkeys Cheeky and Bobo can go anywhere they want to go. Next to the zip lines is a candy dispenser so they can grab some candy as they leave.

(By Lulu & Portia.) 

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