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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Hiding place

One, two, three. I hear Archie counting quite loudly, then I finally hear Archie say ready or not here I come. But I haven't even found a hiding place yet so I run into the laundry as quick as I can seeing  all the boring stuff in the laundry like the washing machine, I  see old dusty, rotten clothes. I say to myself, it's freezing in here. I'm also thinking of where to hide. Then I hear stomping getting closer and closer thinking will I get found first or last. Then ping! There it is, the most amazing hiding place ever ,behind the door. Then I hear someone say “Found you!” at the top of their lungs. ‘I feel relieved that I'm not in. Then I hear two people coming over to the laundry, like a cheetah ready to pounce . There they are. I can see them though the little gap in the door. Now they're coming in I'm freaking out.ould I admit I'm the winner or wait till they find me? But I don't want to say here much longer. Then at the top of my lungs, I shout, “Here I am! I'm the winner!”
They run as fast as they can at me. Oh yeah! Girls win ! I'm awesome! I won ! YAY!!  And till that day on , whenever someone mentioned hide-and-seek I would always remind Archie of how he couldn't find me and how I WON !!!

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