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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Reflection on term two

Reflection on term two (topic science)

The connections that I have made this term are...

At the Groynes , we were looking for all the little invertebrates and we got these tools that help us catch some Little invertebrates for example the water boatman and the back swimmer and we found all of them in the Avon river.

A few weeks ago Mrs Webster brought little samples of the water everyday for two weeks but we only saw one invertebrate it was little, black and it didn't move.

When I tested the water I learnt that the water is only healthy with invertebrates or living creatures and I learnt that if the water has algae and dead plants the invertebrates can die because the water will turn into unhealthy water. We also learnt that if you throw your rubbish in the water it will kill the living creatures in the healthy water like raupo and water boatmen.

The finale

At the finale Bronte and I did water testing. We did water monitoring because we thought that

we could raise awareness to see if it's a healthy or unhealthy water. We had lots of information from what we had learnt that term.

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