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Friday, 26 June 2015

Fresh water living creatures

Fresh water living creatures Damselfly nymph, Raupo & Water bear.


The raupo lives in any wet places in Christchurch like streams, rivers and freshwater wetlands even sometimes in places like parks next to houses. The damselfly nymph also lives in wet areas. On the other hand the water bear lives in any mossy areas on earth, surprisingly it can live in outer space.   

The damselfly nymph threats include small fish, eels, adult

damselflies, birds, frogs and water spiders.

However the Raupos main threats include people.  People  pick the raupo incorrectly and cause damage.   Although  the  water bear  has no threats because it is on top of the food chain.

Overall we learnt the damselfly nymph, raupo and the

water bear don't have much in common because they're different

invertebrates .

By Jacob,Lulu and Blake.

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