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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Observational writing

Ragged leaf

Observational writing

This ragged leaf has splashes of different colours combined together. On the back it’s like a tea stain with a tinge of yellow and red.

It feels like a rough Crunchy candy bar and on the ends it crumbles in your hands.

When you rub the leaf it sounds like sandpaper being rubbed on wood.if you rub it makes a screeching sound like calling for help in the fresh breeze.

It smells like fresh Cadbury melted chocolate in the chocolate factory.

By Lulu.


  1. Hi lulu
    See not too bad!😊

  2. I love the part of your writing where it say splashes of colour.

  3. Wow lulu it's seems that that you know a lot about the ragged leaf that you wrote about. I really like the part in your writing were you said spl