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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Summer poem


Do you remember summer

Remember when the sun kissed

Your skin while an ice cream dripped down

your arm and finger

like rain dripping

down your body

Remember how the pavement smelled all

steamy and wet, just after a short sun shower.

That was summer!!!

Do you remember summer

Remember at the playground

the bark smelled all dusty and dry

Remember beads of sweat dripping

down your face because

you can't control the sweat

That was summer!!!

Do you remember summer

Remember the time the breeze

was so hot it made the flowers bloom

Remember the hot bbq air steaming past your body

Remember the time putting on sunblock

rubbing it on, stinging your eyes

The smell of the grass just after it’s been cut.

That was summer

Remember making sand castles under the

extremely hot sun

Remember swimming in the deep blue sea,

jumping and splashing with your friends beside you.

THAT WAS summer

By Lulu Ovens

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