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Monday, 14 November 2016

Bean Conclusion

Bean experiment 

Based on our results we can conclude that our hypothesis was incorrect. Our hypothesis was that the bean with the soil would grow better because beans usually live in soil not tissue but we were wrong because the bean in the tissue grew more.

We know that the bean in the tissue grew better because the bean in the tissue has a root and a shoot and the bean in the soil just has a root . The bean in the tissue grew quite a bit faster than the bean in the soil.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holiday ABC

Holiday ABC
A friend came over to play on my Xbox
Big shopping spree
Cinemas to see Storks & Miss Peregrine’s
Dog show because we're looking for a new dog
Eating at McDonalds
Fancy restaurant for breakfast 
Got new school shoes
Had a babysitter (boring)
I went shopping at Riccarton Mall 
Jellie Park with all of my brother’s friends
Kmart looking for new clothes 
Lazed in bed for a while
My nan went to Tahiti a bought me a black pearl
Northlands to get sushi for lunch 
Opened present from my mum
Practiced my lines for Showtime 
Quiet library for a read
Ran for twenty minutes 
Snowboarding at Mt Hutt 
There was a virtual reality display at the museum 
Used Jif to clean my new dollhouse 
Visited my nan & grandad after their holiday
Walked up the Bridle Path 3 times 
Xbox at my friends 
You know every Sunday I went for a walk
Zoo, saw it after one of the walks

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing

Refugee definition 
A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster.

Refugees should be WELCOMED 
Because some people suffer because they don't see their family every day and have no one to comfort them.

Firstly we are all humans, imagine living in a county with war or so badly damaged (earthquakes Tornado and natural disasters)you have to leave. These people are suffering, and deserve to be treated with respect. 

Secondly I'm sure they would prefer the option to not leave their home country, NOT to leave their family and friends and NOT everything they have worked for.

Thirdly We know what an earthquake feels like, so imagine having to leave your country because the whole country is ruined.  For example Imagine not going to see your family not getting educated and not going to  see your friends. Not seeing your pet again. Not sleeping in your bed with your favourite teddy bear.
Who knows this could happen to any of us one day.

In conclusion 
I think refugees should be welcome in some countries.
And feel like they belong in the county that they're in so they feel comfortable.

By Lulu.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Speech 2016

Could you fit your life in a supermarket trolley?

I remember very clearly that time I went to 
England on a sunny day, walking calmly around 
town to get to my grandma's house, with 
my cousins, aunt and uncle because We
haven't seen them for about four years.
So we're Nearly there  but then something
catches my eye guess what it was, it was 
homeless people down, pretty much all of
the streets of London, and my brother and
I whispered in each other's ears HOBOS
 and that made us crack up, but I felt sorry
 for them at the same time and that made 
me think why don't they have a house.
You could See all of the homeless people's
 eyes staring at all of the the non homeless people 
begging for money. That will always be one
 of my memories from England. Could you 
Imagine going up to a homeless person 
saying why, do you take that shopping 
trolley with you everywhere.

Can you remember seeing those people 
with ragged clothes, no food no water 
and no money to buy their own property
 to live on . And I can give an example 
about this cause We saw homeless 
people on our school field, trying to 
get them out of school property that
 was like making seagulls get off your
 food. I wonder why they came to our 
school why our school.

Can you remember seeing that news 
report on homeless people talking 
about how many homeless people 
in in certain countries,  and in London 
there are 8000 homeless people 
and if you think that's a lot, 
can you guess how many homeless
people in the whole world 100 MILLION,
but it's kinda a coincident, that it's an 
even number so it might not be the 
right tally but I searched up and I 
trust the Internet. I just really want 
to know how they got their and why
 their family don't let them live in there .

So if you walk past a homeless person
 on a street maybe think twice about 
their background so maybe donate some
 money to try and help.

Could you fit your life in a supermarket
 trolley. Let's break it down, could you 
fit your sports gear,musical instruments, 
your bed, your favourite stuffed toy, your 
clothes, your shoes,your own pillow, your
favourite book, your scooter and all of the rest of the 
stuff you own I don't think so.

body movement , rhetorical question

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DT . W6 . T3

D.T . T.3 . W.6

Today at discovery time I made red sky jelly with Anzu and Cerys and it was supposed to be blue sky jelly but Anzu couldn't find blue jelly so we used red.

A struggle was beating the cream because we didn't really know when it was done and then Anzu came to the rescue saying it's done stop it so now I know when cream is done.

A success was that it is looking really good just jelly takes a while to set so it will probably be done by lunch time.

I would like to improve on being a bit more organised and stick to the recipe because I really wanted to see how blue sky jelly turned out not red sky jelly.

A dislike was that jelly takes ages to set so it will be done by the end of the day or after lunch which is a bit of a bummer.

Someone who stood out for me was Anzu because she was the one who decided that we were going to make red sky jelly and she was really organised with the ingredients that she brought.

Monday, 4 July 2016


Reflection Poem
The sound of the blender swarms my ears.
The wild berries get rapidly injured by the blades.
The hungry trespassers dribble with the thought of the ice cream.
The cold blasting fridge freezes the ice cream in a split second.
Blunt blade struggles to cut through frozen fruit .
The smooth lush wild berry sorbet tastes like success.

By Bronte and Lulu

Monday, 27 June 2016


Have you felt proud before?
I felt proud when I came 5th in cross county then a few weeks later I went to zones. The year 6 girls went last and in my race I came 35th and I felt proud because I came 47th last year. 
I raced heaps of really fast people that came out of 1st-6th in cross country like me.
We all went to Murchison park and left after morning tea.
I felt anxious, excited, and happy.
My palms were sweaty and my stomach was tied up into a humongous knot.
And that's when I felt proud.